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Jack Russell Kennel in Italy

Jack Russell puppies for sale

Jack Russell Kennel in Italy. MR.CIPI’S KENNEL is a family run kennel. Raising Jack Russell is not as simple as it sounds. To get great new Jack Russell litters you need to select the best Jack Russell with a great family tree. The sons of Jack Russell beauty champions can only be beautiful Jack Russell.

New Jack Russell litters

Here, at Jack Russell breeding Mr Cipi we take care of every new puppy as if he were our son. From the moment of conception, let’s make sure that the mother has everything she needs to stay in good physical shape and thus promote a good pregnancy.

Once the puppy is born we take care of him with all the necessary precautions for good growth and, not least, with all our love that the puppy will return multiplied to its future friend and owner.

Jack Russell Kennel in Italy
Mr Cipi’s Jack Russell Kennel in Italy

Jack Russel litters in Italy

Jack Russell litters from Mr Cipi‘s Jack Russell kennel in Italy derive from Jack Russell beauty samples at exhibitions across Europe. They have pure blood lines, thick hair and perfect geometries. If you are looking for a Jack Russell cattery, contact us now.

Watch the Jack Russell puppies available now

Mr. Cipi’s Jack Russells breeding is actively participating in dog shows in Europe, ranking in excellent positions with his Jack Russell Terriers. Alessandro Famiglietti, founder and owner of the breeding, personally takes care of the health of his Jack Russells and blood selection for the excellent litters.

Mr Cipi makes Jack Russels new puppies many times in the year and these immediately become available as soon as the appropriate bureaucratic operations are carried out. Hurry up if you wish to book yours, the requests we receive for our puppies are numerous.