Jack Russell kennel Italy

The idea of a Jack Russell breeding was born in our minds a long time ago… and now it is finally realized!

Breeding Jack Russells involves a lot of responsibility and competence, but after years we believe we can count on us.

The name Mr. Cipi is the fusion of so much passion mixed with experience and past emotions. Love for dogs there has always been but this little big dog gave us what we lacked; We can confirm that: “Yes, it’s our breed!”

In our house we give life to our dream, by selecting morphologically and temperamentally the JRT, for this we work only with the best international bloodlines and with subjects of the highest genealogy, putting in the first place health and beauty. Our companions and friends, in other words “our dogs”, come from: Australia (true homeland of the breed and Lucy’s home), Sweden, Denmark etc…

With our beautiful Jack Russells we share our lives and thanks to them we wake up every day with the desire to improve and overcome, but especially loads of love, because the thing that can a dog, especially a Jack Russell, is to teach better than anyone else “how to Love”.

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