"Australians" litter 26/10/16

“Australians” litter

Sire: Mult. Sup. Ch. Jacattack Bean a Skylark “Spider” Dam: Mult. Ch. Jacfox revel in the Kaos “Lucy”

Nata: 26/10/2016

3m & 2f
NOTES: We bought Lucy adult and already a champion in Australia, but before her departure we mated her with Spider; For this all the litter has names inherent to the journey that Lucy has made with the “bump” and her 5 beautiful puppies:-)


PHIL: Mr. Cipi’s 10000 mile but I’m here

Phil Puppy

Just as his pedigree says, Phil traveled in the belly of his mom Lucy for nearly 10,000 miles and arrived safe and sound; Despite being born the smallest of the litter, it has always been very lively and beautiful. In short, a beautiful “little brat”.